About Perth Festival

Perth Festival

We exist to enrich life through art.

Perth Festival has been disrupting and celebrating Perth and Western Australia for 65 years.

The Festival was born out of the University of Western Australia’s annual summer school entertainment nights as a “festival for the people” on January 3, 1953. Since then, Perth Festival has seeded and cultivated decades of cultural growth as the oldest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It is Australia’s premier curated multi-arts festival and one of the greatest in the world, known for commissioning major new works, celebrating the unique qualities of Perth and engaging diverse audiences. At Festival time in Perth, there is no other place like this on Earth. For a few weeks every glorious summer, the best artists from Western Australia and the world stand shoulder to shoulder in creative unity with the community.

The Festival and its city share the most dynamic region in the world, the Indian Ocean Rim and East Asian time zone where more than 60% of the world’s population lives.