Perth Festival Play Books

Perth Festival Play Books

In partnership with Healthway and Act-Belong-Commit, we bring you the Perth Festival Play Book.

The arts have enormous benefits for all our lives, especially when we actively participate.

Arts help us to stay mentally healthy,  build our understanding of who we are, and create opportunities for diverse voices, identities, histories and cultures to explore and represent their stories. Through the Perth Festival Play Book, we invite you to improve your mental wellbeing through ABC: Act-Belong-Commit:

The Play Book is an invitation to observe everything, to create, to draw, to get moving, to get started, to think deeply, to wander, to ponder, to try, to make, to experiment, to play – to Act, Belong and Commit.

The aim of the Play Book game is – PLAY! There are no rules – cut, paste, scribble, write, colour, mish and mash your way to exploring the infinite possibilities of your imagination. This book is YOURS – a reflection of who you are and what you are thinking, feeling, doing.

Download your own copy of the Perth Festival Play Book here.


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