The Sound of Sirens

The Sound of Sirens

What could your siren sound like?

At dawn and dusk during the first ten days of the Festival, Perth will awaken with Siren Song, an eerie and beautiful sound work broadcast across the city. The female voices of Siren Song descend from the sky and through the canyons of commerce, signalling the arrival and departure of the light each day.

In response, we invite schools to reconsider their own siren as a choral call to attention. Working with local musician and sound artist Mei Saraswati participating classes will reimagine their bell or siren, each creating a unique and poignant sound work to be played in place of the traditional siren during the Perth Festival.

Mei Saraswati is a sound artist and electronic musician based in Perth. Her practice explores emotional connection to land, especially within the bio-diverse Swan Coastal Plain, investigating the human capacity to forget a natural place once it has been cleared and built over. Her music practice incorporates field recordings with a devotional tone, connecting physical place with the inner spiritual landscape.


Tue 13 Feb: 10am & 1:30pm
Tue 20 Feb 20: 10am & 1:30pm

Workshop times will be negotiated with participating schools. Contact to discuss availability or send a booking request here.

Duration: one hour