Who run the world – FREE Masterclass Program

Who Run the World

A chance for young women to learn the skills they’ll need to tackle the music industry.

So you can shred guitar and play a mean drum solo … but what else do you need to know as a woman in music?

Who Run the World is a chance for young women to learn the skills they’ll need to tackle the music industry. Join an incredible bunch of local musicians and performers from the Festival’s Chevron Gardens program for a series of masterclasses and discussions across music, management, performance and production. From creative process to Ableton Live, social media to laying the foundations for a viable music business, Who Run the World is about learning the essentials for kicking music goals.

Please note this is only for 14-18 year olds who identify as female.

Applications have now closed.


24 Feb


10 – 4pm



Facilitators include:


MEAGAN BATES (Debbie Downers)



PENNY PURR (Rapper/Songwriter/Poet)


EM BURROWS (WAM, RTRFM, Musician/Songwriter)


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Presented in collaboration with WAM (West Australian Music) and WAAPA.

Image: Matsu Photography


Jess Willoughby

Jess’s masterclass will cover the basics in music journalism focusing on the skills involved in interviewing, writing a lead paragraph, researching your subject and developing a good story!

Penny Purr

Penny will draw on her unique personal story to inspire participants to engage authentically and emotionally with their own lyrics. She will also discuss performance techniques and give participants the opportunity to create during the session. 

Phoebe Gunson

Phoebe will explore creativity in the context of song writing, including discussing skills around improvisation, performance writing (engaging an audience) and writing hooks.

Em Burrows

Em’s session will draw on her years of experience in the local music industry and provide an introduction to getting started as a musician. She will provide current information for participants around how to access local venues and promoters, recording facilities, radio stations and more. 

Lana Rothnie

Lana will provide an introduction to Ableton including an overview of the software, demonstration of her own recording process, use of synthesisers in the creative process, and a live performance.

Meagan Bates

Meagan will be exploring the do-it-yourself ethos prevalent in the punk scene with a focus on creating promotional material such as posters, zines, and album covers using everyday materials. Participants will be involved in a hands on creative session and will produce a piece of promotional art by the end of the session.