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Farewell to Paper

A humorous lament for a tactile, sensory world that is lost.

Australian exclusive


Remember a life without smartphones or tablets? When mail meant a handwritten letter and you planned a trip with a map not an app? We’re saying goodbye to paper in our lives and it’s happening so fast we’re not stopping to think about its significance.

Enter Russian poet, playwright and theatre director Evgeny Grishkovets with his charming one-man show that gives paper, and everything it represents, a proper send off.

Sitting at a desk surrounded by an old, ramshackle typewriter, books and stacks of paper Grishkovets delivers a passionate and hilarious monologue about the unavoidable disappearance of words such as ‘telegram’ or ‘manuscript’. He recalls childhood memories that would not have happened without ink stains or blotting paper and savours feelings that only come with handling a globe or glimpsing the recognisable handwriting of a loved one.

A tender tribute to once everyday things that are quickly becoming history, Farewell to Paper is a funny and poignant look at change in the digital age.

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Images: Victor Dmitriev

The detail


Tickets from $25 - $55 + BF

A reserve $55/ F $50 / C $53 / S $25

B reserve $36



2hrs no interval
Latecomers not admitted


Cast & Crew

Artist Evgeny Grishkovets
Tour Director Irina Yutkina 
Administrator Alina Lunyova           
Technical Director Maksim Chepil               
Stage Manager Aleksandr Gryzenkov      
Lighting Director Konstantin Vyuev               
Sound Director Aleksandra Viueva         
Translator & Live Interpreter Kyle Wilson     


Post Show Conversation

Sat 17 Feb, 9.30pm


Additional Info

Smoke effects, loud sounds
Russian with live English translation


Schools Info

Student Tickets $16

To book School Group Tickets to Farewell to Paper please email groups.perth@ticketek.com.au

Farewell to Paper explores concepts of interconnection, sustainability, continuity and change through consideration of the impact of progress on life, language and culture.

Inspired by Farewell to Paper, we’re asking students to pen a letter to ‘What I will miss’ and to send it to us at Perth Festival. A record of a changing world, these letters will be curated, collated and displayed during the 2018 Festival.


Heath Ledger Theatre


16 Feb - 18 Feb 2018

Fri 16 Feb – 7.30pm

Sat 17 Feb – 7.30pm

Sun 18 Feb – 5.30pm



  • Wheelchair access
  • Tactile Tour
  • Captioned Performances
  • Audio Described
  • Assistive Listening

Captioned Performance 17 Feb
Audio Description 18 Feb
Tactile Tour 18 Feb

Listen to the audio version of this page.

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