The Second Woman Call-out

Step inside a 24-hour live performance and cinema spectacle.

Perth Festival and PICA are recruiting a diverse cast of 100 men, who are invited to star opposite Nat Randall in a scene inspired by the John Cassavetes cult film Opening Night.

Randall performs the same short scene on repeat and starring opposite her are 100 different men ranging in age, background and acting ability. The scene is captured on multiple cameras and projected live alongside the staged performance. Through the repetition of an intimate exchange, The Second Woman explores the generic and gendered conventions of emotionality, as well as the affective and relational nature of gender identity.

Audiences are invited to enter and exit the performance space throughout the duration of the performance and are encouraged to return multiple times over the 24-hour performance. Come for an hour, stay for the night. This is performance at its most epic, a complex game of fiction and reality.


The Second Woman requires a diverse range of men to perform opposite Nat Randall in this 24-hour cinematic performance experiment. All ages and backgrounds are welcome. Non-performers are encouraged to apply and no performing experience is required.

If performing in this work interests you and you identify as male, complete a registration below and select your preferred timeslot.

Date and Time: Sat 3 Mar, 3pm until Sun 4 Mar, 3pm

Duration: Each encounter lasts for 10 – 20 minutes.

Venue: PICA Performance Space, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Fee: Each performer will receive an honorarium of $50

Registrations to perform in The Second Woman are now closed.

Applicants will be contacted in January with more information.

Following your registration submission, you will be contacted by the artist to confirm your rostered time. Upon confirmation you will be sent an information pack including the short scripted scene, a waiver form and details of the performance. The waiver form will also be available for signing on the day, prior to participating so you need only to bring yourself.