From the campus to the world

From the campus to the world

‘Keep up your standards and seek the best that is available to you wherever it may be found; but don’t allow the Festival to become the exclusive preserve of the ultra-highbrows who might be tempted to forget that it is primarily a festival for the people of Perth.’ Perth Festival founder Professor Fred Alexander

The University of Western Australia ensures Perth Festival puts community education and engagement at the very core of its being.

Our lifestyle, environment and history give us a distinct outlook on how we celebrate creativity and culture – and how we embrace the best of humanity from anywhere on the planet.

The Festival originated 65 years ago from the University’s annual summer school to entertain and stimulate cultural life for Adult Education Board students from across the community.

Its first program included new Australian music, theatre and world cinema under the stars at the UWA Somerville Auditorium.

Since then, the Festival has been breaking new ground in keeping with the University’s ethos of exploration, excellence and innovation.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of its founders at UWA, one of the world’s youngest cities has the longest-running annual arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the greatest in the world.