We can feel it with all our senses. Like the Damask Rose that is the Festival Scent for 2018, our lifestyle and outlook are distilled from the swirling global influences that settle on the western shores of our ancient land.

For 65 years, Perth Festival has been at the heart of our city. In this singular and remote place on the edge of Australia, we welcome the innovative and visionary artists who bring their dreams and their endless capacity to surprise, entertain and provoke us.

I invite you to approach the Festival with a spirit of adventure and once again take the plunge as spectator, participant, even performer, and to share the connections and stories that bind us together. Museum of Water, at Fremantle Arts Centre does just that by celebrating the font of life, leisure and ritual through the prism of Western Australian voices. And in a city that worships the sun, we invite you to experience Siren Song, a mysterious work that will emerge from the skies at dawn and dusk during the Festival.

The 2018 Program is spun with magic moments that present a diversity of perspectives on the world. This is most evident in the two spellbinding spectacles of music and movement that will open and close the Festival. The Tao Buddhist performers of Taiwan’s Beyond Time and the Whirling Dervishes of Syria’s White Spirit remind us in the most compelling way that human harmony can transcend all division.

I hope you’ll all embrace the Festival and dive in fearlessly.

Artistic Director