We’re proud to be in WA and we’re especially proud of our incredible number of critically acclaimed-authors. When it comes to the cream of the Australian literary crop we in the West punch well above our weight. Celebrate the life one of Australia's greatest poets, the late Fay Zwicky, and hear from iconic writers such as Robert Drewe, Kim Scott and Josephine Wilson in a range of entertaining and enlightening sessions.

Check out these events:

A Gala for Fay Zwicky: A celebration of the life and the work of one of Australia's greatest poets.
Sun 25 Feb, 4.30pm
Amphitheatre, The University Club

Whipbird: Robert Drewe on the ghosts that haunt an unusual family gathering.
Sun 25 Feb, 4.30pm
Banquet Hall, The University Club

Taboo: Kim Scott on confronting the past to create a future.
Sun 25 Feb, 5.30pm
Banquet Hall, The University Club

Extinctions: A chat with 2017 Miles Franklin Award winner Josephine Wilson.
Sun 25 Feb, 2pm
Auditorium, The University Club